How is Performance in the Toyota Avalon?

As a comfortable car to drive with a quiet cabin and heated front seats, the Toyota Avalon is a popular full-size sedan. In addition to comfort, the sedan has good performance. Our team at Serra Toyota Saginaw can answer questions you may have about the Toyota Avalon. Two of its top performance features are adaptive variable suspension and aerodynamics.

Adaptive variable suspension improves stability and handling. One of the ways in which the Toyota Avalon's adaptive variable suspension accomplishes this is through damping adjustments instantly. In order to deliver good aerodynamics, the new Avalon was designed with tangential vents, a rear diffuser, a rear spoiler and underbody panels. These features make the vehicle quieter and improve fuel-efficiency.

Not only is the Avalon a comfortable car to drive, it has excellent performance features. You can enjoy better handling and stability on the road thanks to its adaptive variable suspension and aerodynamics.



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