Toyota Avalon Has Impressive Safety Features

There are a few reasons why the Toyota Avalon has been rated one of the better full-size sedans by consumers. One of the most prominent areas where the new Avalon shines is with its selection of safety features. Here are a few safety features you'll use often as you navigate the streets of Saginaw, MI.

If you are driving your Avalon at night, the car comes equipped with an Automatic High Beams system that adjusts the headlights automatically. If another car is on the road, the system switches to low beams until no other vehicle is within range, so then the high beams turn back on and increase your visibility.

Take the Avalon on the highway to see the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system working. This system is scanning the road for slow cars so it can decrease the speed until a safe distance is maintained again. Get to see more of these safety features in action when you visit Serra Toyota Saginaw and get the Toyota Avalon on the road for a test drive.

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