Dial in the Perfect Temperature in the Toyota Yaris

The outside weather is no match for the new Toyota Yaris. This popular subcompact car has a robust climate control system that's capable of keeping you comfortable all year long. We here at Serra Toyota Saginaw are excited to show you how cozy the Yaris can be.

The Auto Climate Control system is relatively simple in design. It features three different knobs that are used to manipulate temperature, fan intensity, and vent direction. It's simple enough for any driver to use. Despite its easy-to-use design, the system is packing a lot of technology.

First, it allows you to achieve the exact temperature you're looking for. The system can get as cool as 60 degrees Fahrenheit or as hot as 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you find the settings you're looking for, the Yaris will remember them. The system will work hard to return to your preferred comfort settings each time you get behind the wheel.



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