Look at These Toyota Land Cruiser Safety Features

If you are in the market for a new luxury SUV, take a look at the Toyota Land Cruiser.

The radar in the Blind Spot Information System makes the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser safer because it will notify the driver the second a vehicle is in or close to being in your blind spots. Your side mirror on that side of the vehicle will flash, letting you know that you should not exit your lane on that side.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature that comes in the new Toyota Land Cruiser has been designed to be your eyes when you are driving in reverse. The system can scan both ways for oncoming traffic, then alert you to slow or stop until that vehicle has moved o and the roadway is clear for you to proceed.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is here at Serra Toyota Saginaw and you are a test drive away from seeing these features for yourself.

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